Angus Cloud’s Mother Points to Husband’s Use of Baby Powder in Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson


Angus Cloud’s mother has filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson in connection with the death of her husband following a malignant mesothelioma diagnosis.

Per a report from People’s Danielle Bacher, the wrongful death suit was filed earlier this month and sees Lisa Cloud alleging that her husband’s fatal condition was a result of “cumulative doses of asbestos, fibers, and talc exposures” in the corporation’s baby powder.

According to the suit, Conor Hickey—Lisa’s husband and father to the late Euphoria actor, Angus Cloud—had been a regular user of the baby powder since 1957. He died in May, followed several weeks later by Angus’ death from an accidental overdose.

Back in April, the Talc Powder Justice group of attorneys announced that it had successfully gotten Johnson & Johnson’s financial liability over allegations of its baby powder causing “various gynecologic cancers and mesothelioma” up to just under $9 billion. At the time, per attorney Mikal Watts, this figure stood as “the largest products liability settlement ever realized after a bankruptcy filing.”