Antonio Brown Says He Wants to Have Sex With Adam22’s Wife Lena the Plug, Gets Pushback From Both


The recent online drama with Grandmaison and Lena the Plug has gotten a lot of attention on social media, most of it negative, but it’s worth pointing out that it could be a planned distraction from the multiple controversies that Adam and his No Jumper podcast have faced this year.

Per an investigation from Media Matters for America in March, the podcast had garnered a reputation for platforming neo-Nazis and various other figures to its audience of millions. One of his co-hosts, Armand Douglas, exited the podcast after an interview with white supremacist Richard Spencer. Grandmaison has admitted to platform hateful figures.

Meanwhile, in a Rolling Stone report from June, Grandmaison was accused of coercing and pressuring women to have sex with him. “I noticed the second I didn’t want to do a scene with him and Lena, he started trying to make me look horrible on his platform,” said Instagram influencer Aliza Jane, who appeared on No Jumper. “So I stopped going on after that.” Multiple other women who appeared on the show told Rolling Stone that they felt either pressured to engage in sex acts with Grandmaison or were belittled and insulted after they turned down his unwanted advances.

He has denied the allegations, but he was previously dropped by Atlantic Records in 2018 after he was accused of sexual and physical assault by multiple women.