Armand Hammer Share Video for New Song “Doves” Featuring Benjamin Booker: Watch


Armand Hammer have shared a new collaboration with Benjamin Booker called “Doves.” The nine-minute-long song will appear as a bonus track on We Buy Diabetic Test Strips, their 2023 album, starting next month on streaming services as well as future physical editions. “Doves” was co-produced by Booker and Kenny Segal. It comes with a black-and-white short film directed by Ryosuke Tanzawa, where the duo stroll through a snowy New York, which you can watch below.

“I never expected something nine minutes long, with basically everything: it’s quiet and loud, intimate and vast, beautiful and ugly,” said director Tanzawa. “When I went through my archive of black and white photos and started testing them out, laying them over the singing parts of the track, I felt like ok — this is going to work. So I called Woods and told him I wanted to do it. It turns out we had more or less the same idea of where and how to film him and Elucid. In the end, me and my producer Sean, with an arsenal of cameras from super 8 to iPhone, shot it over the course of three days on a snowy January week.”

The rap duo—comprised of Billy Woods and Elucid—previously teamed up on 2021’s Alchemist collaboration Haram. The same year Armand Hammer dropped We Buy Diabetic Test Strips, Woods released the LP Maps with Kenny Segal. As for Elucid, his last solo album was I Told Bessie in 2022.

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