Azealia Banks Obliterates “Severely Overweight” Busta Rhymes While Apologizing To Lizzo


It’s been years since Azealia Banks has made headlines for her music—instead, she’s made a career out of regularly makes disparaging comments about other artists. And, as anyone remotely paying attention, nobody is off limits. On Saturday (November 4), Banks set her sights on Busta Rhymes while apologizing the Lizzo. Banks made the statements on her Instagram Stories and made it abundantly clear just how much disdain she has for Bus-A-Bus.

“I was having a conversation last night and realized that I owe @lizzobeeating a huge apology for popping so much s###,” she wrote. “If hip hop will allow a 55+ severely overweight @bustarhymes who exhibits major signs of anabolic steroid abuse, adrenal gland failure, and constipation, and will also allow him to have a face full of blackheads and acne from what appears to be testosterone shot abuse ALL whilst drinking molly water in 2023 and wearing cartoon-like Neon yellow fake gold slick Rick chains……We have absolutely no right to be trying to skewer a YOUNG black woman – for anything.”

While Banks admits to criticizing Lizzo over the years, she’s also defended her before. In 2022, Banks slammed Kanye West for criticizing Lizzo’s weight, saying at the time, “[Kanye] can’t be trying to lollipop off the 4 year old discussion about Lizzo’s health and weight when he has an entire McDonald’s commercial.”

But just three years earlier, Banks made fun of Lizzo’s perceived “fake a## body positivity.” She added, “The fact that the public and the media has been keeping this fat girl joke going for so long is honestly peak boredom. This song is not good nor is the dumpy fat girl spectacle live set she does. Saddest bit is that the girl is legit talented and truly only being allowed to shine so long as she allows herself to be this millennial mammy of sorts.”

It’s unclear why Banks targeted Busta Rhymes this time. After all, they’ve collaborated in the past. But amid the pandemic in 2020, she went off on Busta for supposedly not clearing a song.

“When this quarantine is over, I’mma f### a lot of y’all n####s summers up,” she said. “Everybody getting violated. I got a long list of n####s who bout to get a surprise. Y’all never seen how evil this s### gets. I’m not talking about music. I’m coming to SEE you n####s. Each and every last one of you.

“[Busta Rhymes], you first n####. Clear the record before I expose you. Don’t act stupid. Call @elis and @chepope and get it done in the next five days.” She also said she wasn’t “f###ng around” and told him he has four days” before adding, “Fat steroid neck son of a b####. That wasn’t fair. But you still ugly. Ha.”