BIA and JID Join Forces for Latest Single ‘Lights Out’: Watch The Video


In what quickly and quietly became one of the most anticipated single releases in recent time, fans wondered how JID would measure up to J Cole’s collaboration with BIA. Reddit was ripe with expectation, betting on JID to deliver flawlessly, and deliver he did. He blew the ‘LIGHTS OUT’ the track.

While BIA formed the foundation of the track’s hook with big, reverb coated vocals, JID’s flow carried the infamous ‘jitter’ the fans missed so much. BIA also delivered a heartfelt verse, where she focused more paving her flow steady, gracefully defying the flashy parts of her abilities as an emcee. This raw feeling is then sustained by JID’s flow, that oozes themes of perseverance and faith in oneself through tough times.

The sonics have all the makings of a pop record, and fares well against hits by artists of this nature — Rihanna and SIA are certainly some that come to mind. However, the unpredictable flow of verses against the predictability of the pop hook form a compelling balance for fans of both artists. The song is out now along with the official music video — watch it below.