Big Jade Drops the DJ Chose Produced song “Gucci Bag”

unnamed-6-1 Big Jade Drops the DJ Chose Produced song "Gucci Bag"

Bursting out of a small Texas city, a long drive removed from industry hubs like Houston and New Orleans, Big Jade built an online following with her unapologetic realness. In popular videos like RPM” and Phone Jumpin,” praised by Pitchfork, Jade exists in her element, showing off her rapping ability while styling hair, her longtime day job. Her brief, but visceral trap bangers caught the attention of BeatKing, who took her under his wing and offered her guest verses and some of his fieriest beats. Jade keeps her fans entertained with a regular supply of freestyles, like the recent “Before The Deal,” that show off her bars and indefatigable demeanor. Now with the backing of Alamo Records, Big Jade is ready to make the leap from being the pride of North Beaumont to a nationally recognized star.

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