Birdman Declares Southern Rap Dominance, Claims East And West Will “Never” Regain Supremacy  


Birdman credits Jermaine Dupri with breaking down barriers for Southern rappers when East and West Coast fans weren’t listening to their music, leading to a dominance in Hip-Hop that Southerners will never relinquish.  

While East Coast vs. West Coast was the central debate dominating Hip-Hop supremacy discussions for many years, the Cash Money Records co-founder says the South has taken over from both regions and will “never” give up its reign at the top.  

Baby got into the topic during an appearance on The 85 South Show podcast earlier this month. He recalled that back in the day a song could be a hit in the South but take forever to make waves outside of the region.  

Birdman Says “We Here Forever”

“But once they caught on to us, like it is now, I don’t think they’ll ever get it back,” Birdman explained. “We here forever.” 

He continued, crediting Jermaine Dupri, who Baby said, “really broke that barrier” and “went up there and was fighting” for Southern rappers. “He went up there and really made them play our music,” he added. “They wouldn’t play our music at all. I got a lot of respect for Jermaine Dupri.” 

Although Birdman insisted he has “nuthin’ but love for the East and the West,” he claimed they will never regain the hold they once had. “We ain’t never letting this s### go,” he added. This a feeling, this a vibe and I don’t think we’ll ever let it go. Ever. And I say that respectfully. I just don’t think we’ll ever let the vibe and the motion go.” 

The “Money To Blow” hitmaker also denied he was hating on other regions. “It’s all about competing. It’s about who got the best talent, who can make the best records. That’s what this s### all about. Ain’t nobody got to be hatin’ on nobody to compete with music,” Birdman concluded. 

Check out the clip below and watch the episode at the end of the page.  

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