Blac Chyna Says Breast Implant Reduction Surgery Caused Health Complications


Things took a turn when White went down to a 385 CC with White describing it as “the worst thing that could possibly happen.”

“When I went in there my left breast was encapsulated where the muscle had contracted around the implant, and it was just so painful,” she said, adding that this had never happened to her all of the times she had work done on her breasts.

The model and media personality then said she underwent a second surgery on Dec. 21, opting to go down to 190 cc.

“My doctor told me that I needed some type of implant, because if I don’t do some type of implant… Basically? My boobs are just gonna be mush.” 

Despite the “expensive” surgeries and the upkeep necessary, White said she was “very happy” to be part of the “Itty Bitty Titty Committee.”

Halfway through the nearly six-minute video, White confessed that she also underwent a tattoo removal procedure and shared her excitement for the New Year.

2023 was a milestone year for White for many reasons. At the top of the year, she made headlines when she announced she would be reversing a number of cosmetic procedures including breast and butt augmentations and the removal of her facial fillers.