Charlamagne Criticizes Parents Telling Their Kids To Help Them in a Fight in the “Put Your Shoes On” Challenge


The “Put Your Shoes On” challenge is the latest viral sensation on TikTok. In the challenge, parents capture their kid’s reactions as they ask them to come outside to help them in a fight. Many kids are ready to go to war with another kid to help defend their parents, while others try to figure out a different solution, and others just cry.

In a recent airing on The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne spoke on the newest viral challenge. Envy and Yee found the topic amusing, as Envy told which of his six kids would beat up other kids for him and which ones wouldn’t. Charlamagne, however, criticized parents who participated in the challenge.

“I can’t even believe we’re entertaining this conversation, I don’t like it,” Charla said. “I don’t like people laughing at their kids’ pain, traumatizing those kids for likes and reposts. I hate it. You got kids crying on the internet, scared to death because you wanna go viral. I think it’s wack.”

The Breakfast Club co-host went on to say that maybe parents should “run up to your bum ass friends that you think are your homeboys and home girls and tell them some people outside and put their shoes on and see how they react.”

“And by the way, I understand it’s a joke. I love inappropriate jokes. I just think this is wack. I don’t like traumatizing kids. especially for likes and retweets. an these are your children… Why are you entertaining strangers by traumatizing your kids,” Charlamagne said.

You can check out the clip below.