Charli XCX Enlists Lorde for “Girl, So Confusing” Remix: Listen


Charli XCX has brought Lorde on board for a new remix of the Brat song “Girl, So Confusing.” Check it out below. The surprise release addresses—and seemingly confirms—speculation that Charli XCX wrote the song about Lorde; the pair decide to “work it out on the remix.” Listen below.

Where Charli sang on the original, “People say we’re alike/They say we’ve got the same hair/We talk about making music/But I don’t know if it’s honest/Can’t tell if you wanna see me/Falling over and failing,” Lorde responds, in part:

Well, honestly, I was speechless
When I woke up to your voice note
You told me how you’d been feeling
Let’s work it out on the remix
You’d always say, “Let’s go out”
But then I’d cancel last minute
I was so lost in my head
And scared to be in the pictures
’Cause for the last couple years
I’ve been at war in my body
I tried to starve myself thinner
And then I gained all the weight back
I was trapped in a hatred
And your life seemed so awesome
I never thought for a second
My voice was in your head

The new song comes on the heels of Brat and It’s the Same but There’s Three More Songs So It’s Not, Charli XCX’s expanded edition of the album, featuring three new tracks with production from the Dare, Easyfun, Jon Shave, and, of course, A. G. Cook. Before all that, “360” got a remix featuring Robyn and Yung Lean.

Charli XCX will soon embark on various tour dates including a North American arena tour with Troye Sivan and Shygirl.