Chris Thompson Astonishes The World With His Latest Album Blessed


Chris Thompson, the experimental Hip-Hop artist dazzles his audience with a brand-new album called Blessed. An artist with a distinct taste that dazzles his audiences, provides a unique glimpse into the songwriter’s emotional world, allowing access to his deepest feelings. The 11-track album demonstrates Chris’ sincerity in producing his art. In addition, the songs are fairly unusual, yet they fulfill an artistic purpose of honesty and fearlessness in his work. 

With over hundreds of thousands of streams on Thompson’s Spotify account, the album’s standout tracks include “Party All Night,” “Whip Cream,” and “Escalate.” 

Blessed is an artistic journey that inspires the listener to reflect on the things we take for granted in our everyday life. Chris brings his audience closer to his poetry by interpreting each lyric of the song. The artist intends to continue releasing additional new tracks after establishing something as remarkable as this album.

Chris Thompson can be found on:  Spotify Distrokid