Chrisean Rock Bashes “Ungrateful” Blueface Over Sneak Diss; He Reacts


Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s bitter relationship played out in the public eye again on Thursday (July 27). The former couple’s latest dispute began when Blueface took subliminal jabs at his ex on Twitter.


“Life is so much better now my b#### listen fr,” he wrote on Thursday morning. “House clean laundry done breakfast ready this more my speed fr.”

Chrisean Rock responded hours later. She criticized Blueface, accusing him of lying to her about money.

“What’s more my speed is putting my own money in my own bank account instead of a ungrateful b#### n#### account telling me everyday I don’t have money wen I make money,” she wrote. “I stopped listening to a manipulator and stopped making excuses for him n started choosing Chrisean.”

Chrisean Rock said Blueface used her for clout. She also removed any subtlety by mentioning his real name.

“When u tweet about me let’s go head up stop including m########## for clout,” she wrote. “I’m talking to Johnathan Porter.”

Blueface tried to act like he had no idea why Chrisean Rock was attacking him.

“Idk y I’m being tweeted about all of a sudden,” he wrote.

He added, “Just relax focus on yourself keep getting yo money have yo baby. You blessed you don’t owe nobody none what’s the matter now?”

Chrisean Rock is pregnant with Blueface’s child. The two co-star in the Zeus reality series Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love.