Chrisean Rock Says Sorry After Keke Palmer Enters Blueface Baby Drama


Chrisean Rock apologized to Keke Palmer for misreading the actor/singer’s comments on the reality TV star’s struggles with parenthood. The two cleared up the misunderstanding after Palmer weighed in on the ongoing drama between the new mother and Blueface.

“Me and Keke talked,” Chrisean Rock wrote via X (formerly known as Twitter) on Monday (September 25).

She added, “I’m Gladd keke entered the chat. Other mothers should uplift each other instead other s###. I’m sorry keke I read it wrong n got to popping my s### cuz this s### so sensitive rn I’m just done with ppl speaking up against me through a sensitive situation rn.”

Palmer pleaded for someone to help Chrisean Rock in an Instagram comment. Palmer felt a need to speak out after Blueface shockingly exposed his newborn’s genitals on social media.

“This is so sad to me especially as a new mom,” Palmer wrote. “I didn’t wanna say nothing or involve myself on anything but my heart is breaking for all involved. This is exactly what maternal health care is about. It doesn’t matter how you feel about Chrisean before, now she’s a mother and for that BABY she needs help and proper CARE!”

She continued, “Why doesn’t anyone care about her or any of THE OTHER MOTHERS THAT ARE STRUGGLING! She is just ONE but the face of MANY! There are women out here that are beyond ‘judgment’ because their children need them.”

Chrisean Rock initially took issue with Palmer’s post. The Zeus TV personality wondered why Palmer didn’t reach out privately.

“Keke Palmer we got each other number u chiming in like we don’t [have] each other numbers is whatever,” she wrote in a since-deleted post. “Jr dad is just somebody that I have to really stay away from I gave him the benefit of doubt. But everyone that’s speaking on my behalf hit my dm or ask me for my number.”

But Chrisean Rock quickly changed her tune and expressed appreciation for Palmer’s remarks. Palmer responded by showing support on social media.

“I understand, you have a right to be sensitive you just had a baby!” Palmer wrote to Chrisean Rock. “Let’s keep praying for one another, no one can judge you. God has the final say .. now put a name on my # fr this time.”

Chrisean Rock gave birth to her son on September 3. Blueface, the child’s father, claimed she was an unfit mother in an online rant over the weekend.