Chrissy Teigen on Meeting ‘Flying Spermatozoa’ at Drake Show: ‘Smaller Than I Imagined But Still Very Impactful’


The sperm visuals proved to be an immediate headlines-snatcher when Drake and 21 kicked off their blockbuster tour in July. In the weeks since, attention has largely turned to the plethora of tossed bras and the continued teasing of Drake’s new album For All the Dogs.

The album will mark Drake’s first new solo album since last year’s Honestly, Nevermind. That release was quickly followed by his and 21’s Her Loss, a project fans were alerted to in the official video for Honestly, Nevermind single “Jimmy Cooks.”

In the run-up to Dogs, Drake took the time to shout out Teezo Touchdown, whose upcoming debut album he considers “some of the best music ever.”