Coi Leray Throws Jab At Latto On “Isabel Marant” Single


Coi Leray reignited her issues with Latto on the new EP Blue Moon, which dropped on Wednesday (August 30). The Republic Records artist took a shot at Latto and ex-boyfriend Trippie Reed on the single “Isabel Marant.”


“Yeah, I’m on they a##/Hop out on that couch and roll up Latto out the bag/I don’t need a stylist, they can’t f### with Coi Leray/Try to count me out and now I’m big as Trippie Redd,” she rapped.

Earlier this year, Latto’s song “Put It On Da Floor” upset Coi Leray. Latto’s “smoking on that gas, blunt big as Coi Leray” lyric did not sit well with the 26-year-old rapper, who lashed out on social media in April.

“Latto bye,” Coi Leray wrote on Twitter. “here you go taking about my body. Please do not come on here and talk about nobody BODY. Lol like seriously. Out of all things. Lmaooo ya blunt my size? Lmaooo this s### is never ending.”

She added, “These b###### wanna be like the n##### so bad. Y’all wanna have rap beef SOOOOOO BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Anybody that talk about my body wants MY BODY!!!!!!!!!!!! Like real badddddd.”

Not long after the outburst, Coi Leray said she may have overreacted. She still disliked her name getting referenced on a song for “clicks and likes.”

“Mention b#tches you actually beef with,” she wrote. “Put it on the floor but leave me out of the bs.”

Latto and Coi Leray seemingly settled their problems a few days later, but the latter reiterated her frustration with the “Put It On Da Floor” lyric in a June interview with Apple Music.

“We’re not smoking on anything, it’s disrespect,” she said. “And where I come from I just don’t like that. And as a human being, I have every right to stay how I feel.”

Watch the music video for “Isabel Marant” below.