David Olivo Drops A Brand New Joint Titled ‘Bricks’


Hailing from the source of rap, NYC, David Olivo released a brand new sick joint titled ‘Bricks.’ The single is his first release since the latest LP ‘The Album’ (Stream Here), published in 2019. ‘Bricks’ is a heavy and dark piece of contemporary Hip-Hop, with David Olivo’s conscious lyrics and passionate flow elevating the mood throughout. 

As the press release notes, “Bricks” talks about the illegal business and things he has seen and always strived to do, but probably wouldn’t be able to make enough customers to make a profit. This original Hip-Hop act transcends the genre and offers visionary innovations, pushing boundaries to unprecedented heights. From substance abuse to his gangster lifestyle, David Olivo gives audiences a glimpse of his imagination, unveiling it all through a smooth and soothing rap. 

Stream ‘Bricks’ by David Olivo below: