DDG Accuses Nail Salon Of Racism, Claims Halle Bailey Kicked Out Mid-Manicure  


DDG accused a Los Angeles nail salon of racism, claiming that staff booted his girlfriend, Halle Bailey, from the premises mid-manicure. 

The YouTuber and rapper took to social media Tuesday night (November 21) to complain about the salon he claims mistreated Bailey. 

“This place is racist towards black people,” he posted on X. “They kicked my girlfriend out while doing her nails.”  

In addition, DDG shared a link to the salon’s Yelp page and urged his followers to leave a negative review.  

“Please give them a 1 star,” he added. “They don’t deserve business.” 

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Fans of the “I’m Geekin” hitmaker swiftly took action, flooding the Yelp page with 1 star reviews and unfavorable feedback.  

When he initially posted the link, the salon had a 4.4 star rating with 49 reviews. However, the rating had plummeted to 2.5 stars in just a few hours, and the page racked up 115 reviews. In contrast to previous comments, the majority of posts on November 21 gave a 1 star rating and accused the salon of racism. Many alluded to Bailey’s rumored pregnancy, with commenters expressing outrage over her alleged treatment.  

The store’s Instagram page, which declares “NO POLITICS! NO SKIN COLOR! NO NATIONALITY! ONLY NAILS,” in the bio, was also plagued with negative feedback and accusations of racism, presumably prompted by DDG’s post. The salon responded to one comment by saying it was “not true” that staff kicked Halle Bailey out.  

“She was late 35 min,” the salon claimed. “We just didn’t take her.” 

After seeing his fan’s handiwork, DDG deleted his initial post and returned with a follow-up. 

“good job,” he told his followers. “Thank you.”