Don Toliver Releases New Album ‘HARDSTONE PSYCHO,’ Ft. Travis Scott, Future, Kodak Black & More: Listen


Don Toliver, one of the smoothest voices of the autotune era in its prime, has finally released the much awaited HARDSTONE PSYCHO. An album that had Reddit users in a chokehold, leaking tracklists and tracking the artist’s every move, HARDSTONE PSYCHO sounds pretty much as bold as it sounds.

More experimental and cinematic than ever before, Don Toliver is slowly but surely cementing his undeniable spot among heavy hitters like Travis Scott (who has two features on the album!) and T-Pain. Undeniably in his bag with the experimentalism in Attitude (feat. Charlie Wilson & Cash Cobain), Don is treading into relatively unexplored avant-garde offshoots — iteration after iteration, making it work and crafting hits.

The 4th studio album is no different as a whole. A 16-track binge-worthy project, the album set great pace and hype, with Fortnite having picked up music and ideas from the album to design the HARDSTONE edition of the game featuring two rival gangs battling it out for the Psycho Valley. The move also resonated with young listeners, that form a major section of Don Toliver’s audience. The cover even boasts the same sigil and bike motif as the fortnite edition, with cold, dark tones that capture the essence of the project.

What is missing, however, is the fan anticipated ‘You pt. 2’, which won’t see the light of day just yet. Check out the official tracklist and artwork below!