Donald Glover Appears to Deny Speculation Jhene Aiko ‘Friend-Zoned’ Him


Donald Glover almost fessed up about a woman who he denies friend-zoned him.

In a video for BuzzFeed UK, Glover, who was joined by his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Maya Erskine, was pressed about rumors he’d heard about himself. Although he didn’t want to “disprove” anything, he clarified the narrative about a celebrity woman once friend-zoning him.

“There was a rumor I got friend-zoned by someone once,” he said at the 3:20 mark of the video above, adding “someone” when Erskine tried to guess who it was. “But I didn’t get friend-zoned by them,” he added. “I was like, ‘I didn’t get friend-zoned by them. I got… other-zoned.”

But Erskine claimed that she had information about Glover’s past hookups, to which he laughed and responded “Oh no.” He then asked for the person’s initials, which Erskine told him but concealed with her cue card. “Oh okay, I’m married now,” he said. “It’s fine, it’s the past, no one remembers or cares.”

But Erskine trying to keep their conversation low-key didn’t stop Glover’s fans from positing theories about the mystery woman’s identity, with many believing it was Jhené Aiko. Glover collaborated with the Chilombo singer extensively in the early 2010s on songs like “Bed Peace,” and “Pink Toes,” with Aiko also appearing in his “Telegraph Ave” music video.