Donald Glover Unveils Trailer for New Movie Bando Stone & the New World


Donald Glover has shared the trailer for his new movie Bando Stone & the New World, which he directed, starred in, and scored as Childish Gambino. He also revealed that his new Childish Gambino song “Lithonia,” which plays over the clip, will come out July 2. The movie trailer shows Glover—who plays the titular Bando Stone—trying to deliver mail in an abandoned town before crossing paths with one of the only other people around, played by Jessica Allain. The two decide to band together, along with Allain’s child, to survive monsters, dinosaurs, sci-fi lasers, and more. Watch it below.

Over the weekend, Glover posted an Imax ticket stub for A Quiet Place: Day One on his Instagram and revealed that the trailer for Bando Stone & the New World would air before that movie. The film was written by Evi Wilder, produced by Glover’s creative studio, Gilga, in association with RCA Records, and executive produced by longtime creative partner Hiro Murai, as well as Fam Udeorji, Chad Taylor, Ibra Ake, and Javier Alejandro. There’s no release date just yet, but Bando Stone & the New World and its soundtrack will reportedly come out this year.

Back in April, Glover revealed plans to release two more albums under his Childish Gambino alias. The first was Atavista, the self-described “finished version” of 3.15.20, the album he put out four years ago. The second will be Bando Stone & the New World, which doubles as the soundtrack to this new movie.

Later this summer, Childish Gambino will go on tour in North America, Europe, and Oceania. Opening select dates on the New World Tour are Amaarae and Willow. It marks his first tour since 2019, and extends on into early next year.

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