Drake Called Out By Ebro Darden For Never Speaking On Racial Issues


“Black excellence, but I guess when it comes to me it’s not the same though, all goodie,” Drake raps on the “Diplomatic Immunity” track. Throughout his career, Drake has mostly chosen to avoid discussing social and political issues. Some of his critics have blasted the biracial Canadian entertainer’s reluctance to speak on race-related topics.


“I felt the other side of judgment and racial judgment sometimes, being light-skinned, being Canadian, Drake said in a 2019 interview. “Having people I look up to and respect tell me I can’t identify with what’s going on.

“Granted, I’m not the outspoken person when it comes to political issues. I prefer to talk about it amongst my people. And if we’re going to do something, I prefer to go and make the change or actually do something and not just post about it.”

A Possible Feud Between Drake & Childish Gambino Sparked A Conversation About Music With Social Commentary

Ebro Darden, Apple Music’s Global Editorial Head of Hip-Hop and R&B, recently addressed Drake not speaking out on the concerns of Black people. The discussion took place during Apple Music’s Rap Life Review and stemmed from the ongoing feud between Childish Gambino and Drake.

Childish Gambino admitted he originally planned to use his Grammy-winning track “This Is America” as a diss record directed at Drake. In response, Drake labeled “This Is America” as “overrated” and “over-awarded” at a concert in Chicago.

“This Is America” and its music video earned widespread praise for confronting systemic racism, racial violence and police brutality. Gambino’s chart-topping hit beat Drake’s “God’s Plan” for Record Of The Year and Song Of The Year at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

Ebro Darden Doesn’t Expect Drake To Address Social Injustices At This Point

“Drake, who has never shown up, and y’all know I’m the biggest Drake fan on this show,” Darden stated. “Drake has never shown up to have anything to say about anything going on in society with Black folks or anything other than himself.”

The Hot 97 radio personality continued, “So now you have an issue? I get you have an issue with Childish Gambino if what you’re saying is a fact. But fam, the song was supposed to be a joke diss, it didn’t actually happen. So why are you in your feelings about it?”

Fellow Apple Music host Nadeska reacted to Darden’s comment, saying, “Drake has never stepped his foot in those waters, and he may or may not ever.” Darden responded, “By the way, at this point, we’re not expecting him to.”