Drake Pushes Fan Who Bum Rushes Stage; Blames Security For Being “Slow”


Some people think Drake is a simp— a super nice guy who can be tested. But recently, the Canadian superstar has been proving otherwise. Earlier this summer, Mr. Hotline Bling wilded out on a male fan who jumped up and tried to take a Champagne Papi sweat-drenched towel from a female concertgoer. This time, the father of one pushed back a fan who tried to bum rush the stage during his It’s All a Blur Tour show in Texas. 

The fan apparently wanted to get close to his favorite star, but Drake shocked him instead. Once Drake realized the person didn’t mean any harm, he extended his hand to shake it. Fans quickly chimed in.

“Only Lebron or Travis are allowed on his stage,” one person write, while another said, “We all know he would’ve acted differently if that was a female.”

While everything seemed all good in the end, Drake turned around and blasted the security detail at the venue, saying, “Y’all not doing security out here? Boy, you slow as f##k.”

One person on X said, “That security guard definitely lost his job!” Another added, “F##k yes, they lacking. And Drake pushing the fan is a good thing, we have had ‘fans’ come up on stage with knives and even guns. jumping on stage like that is some jack ass s##t to do.”