Eminem Addresses 50 Cent Collab Album Rumors: “Whatever He Needs From Me, I’m There” 


Eminem and 50 Cent have a well-documented friendship and have worked and performed with each other multiple times over the years but have never collaborated on a joint album. 

However, according to a new interview with the Detroit legend, it’s time for Fiddy to drop a new project, and he’s willing to do whatever the G-Unit founder needs to make it happen. 

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DJ Whoo Kid shared a recent phone call with Eminem on Sunday (January 28). During the conversation, Whoo Kid asked him what he’s got coming up this year. 

“Absolutely nothing,” Slim Shady joked before revealing he’s “working on a little something.” 

DJ Whoo Kid then told Eminem he heard a rumor about the possible joint album with 50 Cent.  

“Where’d that come from? I don’t know whose idea that was but that’s crazy,” he replied. “I’m trying to get him to make another album so bad. We need another 50 album, like really bad. Fif is on a roll right now, He’s been on a roll since the tour.” 

He addressed a possible Fiddy project and doubled back on a potential collab album adding, “Whatever he needs from me, I’m here. That s### would be crazy though, an album with me and him.” 

Nonetheless, it seems fans won’t be getting anything from Eminem, including a 50 Cent collab, at least not until football season ends. Em’s beloved Detroit Lions are looking to make the Super Bowl for the first time in their history. 

“My life is literally on pause right now until this s### is all said and done,” he explained. “Our team is amazing right now. We can’t change anything. I don’t even wanna change the f###### hat I wore last week. Like whenever we win, I’m so superstitious bro, I be wearing the same underwear all year. I haven’t changed them one time.”