Eminem Teases New Single ‘TOBEY’ With Big Sean & Babytron: Watch


Eminem, who seems to be on his final musical run with the upcoming Death of Slim Shady project, has teamed up with rappers Big Sean and Babytron on upcoming single ‘Tobey’. The track title refers to the lead actor for the original Spider-Man movies, Tobey McGuire.

In the snippet released, Big Sean kicks the song off with the bar, “Tobey McGuire got bit by a spider but for me, see, it was a GOAT”. The possible reference is to Big Sean’s Detroit roots, where he was inspired by Eminem, who is widely considered as one of the greatest of all times in rap.

The snippet, monochrome in nature for the most part (save the blood and gore), captures the three collaborators in a single frame as it zooms out from a maniacal Slim Shady using a chainsaw to reveal the trio. The teased music video in question is directed none other than Cole Bennett, who has been working a lot with Eminem in the recent past.

In terms of the music, the teased sonics boast a clinking sample in a simple 4/4 progression, and seems to be the intro to trap beat with the clinks as the main melodic motif (coupled with a sustained atmospheric pad in the background). The track’s release date has been set to July 2, 2024, whereas the video will follow the audio shortly after on July 5, 2024. Stay tuned!