Erykah Badu Fires Shots From “Mama’s Gun” At Beyoncé For Allegedly Biting Her Style


For Erykah Badu, imitation is not the highest form of flattery—even if the copycat is none other than Beyoncé herself. Though Queen Bey’s Renaissance Tour has been the source of thousands of daring, metallic looks this summer, Badu senses a tinge of unoriginality in the air. The stylistic culprit and or point of reference in the pseudo beef appears to be a platinum top hat in which both performers donned on stage recently. Badu, who’s currently on her Unfollow Me Tour, aired her grievances in a side-eye-inducing Instagram Story calling Beyoncé out.


“Hmm…I guess I’m everybody stylist,” Badu wrote in the series of posts. With the photos compared side-by-side, it does appear as though the hats are incredibly similar.

If I’m keeping it fully hundun witchu’, both hats are on some 2014 Pharrell Williams “Happy” type ish. But hey, everybody’s so creative, right?

And while Beyoncé’s freakishly functional Beyhive army swarmed on Badu for the petty swipe immediately, it appears the entire moment was a strategic move. But not because Badu was the muse, but because Beyoncé and her mini-me Blue Ivy had previously coordinated a monster Mommy-daughter fashion moment.

Blue made a quick cameo and busted out some quick-hit choreography at the same show her mom rocked the blinged-out Willy Wonka top hat. Considering the fact that Badu’s daughter, Puma, is also beginning to become a more regular fixture at her life shows, you would think that she would’ve let this slide.