Picture of Yang-Baby "Nono"

Exclusive Look At “Nono”: Yang-Baby Exposes The Hypocrisy Of Love


With his exceptional talent, Yang-Baby Boloman Derkaiser effortlessly harnesses complex emotions and transforms them into captivating lyrics. His latest single, titled “Nono,” masterfully reveals the societal double standards that surround relationships. Through his thought-provoking music, he encourages listeners to exercise vigilance in selecting the individuals they welcome into their lives.

By merging Latin and hip-hop influences, the song seamlessly intertwines a diverse range of sounds, flawlessly transitioning between rap and melodic vocals, while incorporating vibrant salsa instruments. The bilingual fusion of English and Spanish not only enriches the storytelling but also amplifies the emotional resonance of the track, captivating a broader spectrum of listeners.

The collaboration between Yang-Baby, producer Dr. Anton, and vocalist Lisa, create a captivating atmosphere that contributes to the overall sound and vibe of the song. With their diverse musical backgrounds, this magical trio brings depth and richness to the production. “Nono,” crafted with a focus on melodic power and intuition, helps Derkaiser delve into new territory, shedding light on societal discontent and solidifying his reputation as an artist unafraid to push boundaries.

Congrats on your back-to-back successful releases. The latest track, “Nono,” draws inspiration from a challenging period in your life. How did you channel those emotions into the songwriting process, and what message do you hope to convey to your listeners?

As I say all the time, my life and my songs go hand in hand; sometimes without thinking about it, I write, but in this case, I found myself in a kind of helplessness facing the trials of life. You know, in moments of joy, it’s hard to know who’s really real with you, but when life tests you, even the people around you tend to forget who you are, and that goes for everything, even relationships. 

My purpose was to expose the hypocrisy of our society when it comes to relationships. People pretend to respect or love you when you are up, but as soon as you fall, they show their true faces. Even your so-called lovers can turn into monsters and play you dirty. Of course, I believe in love, but during hard times, I saw a lot of masks fall off. My message is clear: be careful who you let into your life.

This new single brings together a delightful mix of beats and rhythms, creating a truly unique sound. Could you share more about how you creatively blended Latin and hip hop elements?

As a songwriter, I’m curious and love diversity, so creating and mixing so many melodies is part of my motivation. It all starts with a simple idea that I’ve tried to magnify through a piano note. At first, we transformed the note into a bass, but the result didn’t match expectations and didn’t go with the writing, so I asked Anton to use an electric guitar to make the mood warmer. It was at this point that we were in a position to produce the beat, but we had to be sure that the melody I’d composed for Lisa’s lyrics would stick to the project. 

To solve this problem, we divided the song into two main parts, one where I rapped and the other where Lisa and I sang. We built a bridge between the two parts so that the whole fits together. It was important that the rap part didn’t lose its flavor by drowning in South American and African rhythms, so we amplified salsa instruments such as compass maracas, bongos, claves, and timbales on the hook and the bridge. All this was possible because Anton and I have a global understanding of music.

In “Nono,” you emphasize the importance of trust and authenticity in relationships. How does your personal experience with deception shape the meaning behind the lyrics?

Trust and cheating, although opposites, can go hand in hand as long as sincerity doesn’t exist. My personal experience influenced my imagination when I wrote this song, I wanted to point the finger at both men and women. I wanted to expose the fact that people use love as a pretext to reach their goals; in general, it’s self-interest that motivates people to have a relationship, not true love.

The song incorporates both English and Spanish. How do you believe this fusion of languages enhances the storytelling and emotional impact of the track?

It’s very simple, English is a melodious language to begin with, and Spanish is a very sexy language. This fusion of languages not only enhances the narrative and emotional impact, but makes the sounds more appealing and easier to listen to. It makes the song much easier to absorb, as the listener becomes more familiar with a world that is not alien to his or her perception.

Your previous releases, such as “Mercedes Benz” and “Mami Dance,” have gained popularity. How does “Nono” differ in terms of style and message, and what evolution do you see in your artistry with this new one?

By writing “Nono,” I ventured into rather new and different territory, but at the same time, it allowed me to judge my ability to open up to the world and reach a wider audience. This song is different because it talks about a subject that concerns everyone and doesn’t just affect one community, it doesn’t differentiate in terms of social class etc….Nowadays, we’re witnessing a collapse of trust between human beings, relationships can no longer last, and in this song, I’m exposing this deep malaise, which is why I had to cross some boundaries by writing it.

Having Dr. Anton on production and Lisa lending her captivating vocals, how did these collaborations influence the overall sound and vibe of the song? What was your experience like working with such talented artists?

It’s worth noting that both have a strong and rich musical culture. Anton has a degree in music and specializes in classical music, while Lisa is a pop singer and dancer who quietly manages to surf several styles such as hip-hop, South and Latin American music. And considering her Italian origins, it’s easier for her to bring a little sunshine to this tropical mix. 

The whole production took place in a friendly atmosphere, Anton and I being workaholics, we were positively surprised to find out that Lisa shared this same trait. This collaboration has forged a very close bond between us, as we speak the same language and enjoy working together, and you can look forward to further productions from this magical trio.

The chorus of “Nono” is undeniably infectious. Could you share some insights into crafting a hook that lingers in listeners’ minds?

The answer to this question lies in the question itself, you must concentrate on the melody that takes power over your ear. I am one of those who feel the music before expressing it. When your body moves to the music, the foot or the head, does not receive orders only from words, your mind also takes your body hostage to express or transmit feelings. All this is to tell you that although I can’t read music, music speaks out of my soul, like listening to the noise of the waves and being led with the stillness of the rhythm.

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