“Family First” The Latest Masterpiece from N.O.


Judgemental Records proudly presents N.O.’s latest masterpiece, his second EP, “A Goodfellas Cadence,” a work that has garnered critical acclaim. The spotlight track, “Family First,” is a deeply impactful single that delves into the profound significance of familial bonds. N.O. weaves his personal narrative through expertly crafted bars and metaphors, showcasing his exceptional lyrical prowess.

This track is brought to life with the expert production skills of Lino3x, Judgemental Records’ renowned in-house producer. Accompanying the powerful audio, a visually stunning music video, shot by the talented 4KVisionz team, adds an extra layer of depth to the song. The video was filmed at the picturesque Delaware Art Museum, offering a perfect backdrop for this emotionally charged piece.

To experience the captivating world of “Family First,” visit the official music video link: Watch “Family First”.

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Don’t miss out on “A Goodfellas Cadence EP,” available now for streaming and download at A Goodfellas Cadence – DistroKid.

Dive into this musical journey that brilliantly encapsulates the essence of family and the art of storytelling through rap.