Fat Joe Explains Why He Admitted To Lying In “95 Percent” Of His Songs  


Fat Joe is speaking out after catching heat for saying he lied in “95 percent of my songs,” while discussing Young Thug and YSL’s ongoing RICO trial. 

He made the remarks during a recent interview with Gayle King while defending Young Thug’s free speech as an artist.  

“I’ve been rapping professionally for 30 years, and I’ve lied in almost 95 percent of my songs,” Fat Joe said. “I write what I feel that day. I’m just being creative.” 

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While his comments caused some controversy, Fat Joe defended himself, claiming he had to make it clear that rappers embellish their lyrics because prosecutors are using them as evidence.  

During an Instagram Live Sunday (December 3), he claimed that as an “elder statesman of Hip-Hop,” he put himself “in the hot seat” for the benefit of up-and-coming artists.  

“I had to say 95% of what I say is a lie so that they could understand that it’s unfair to try some kids for the rest of their life with s### they might have not done,” Fat Joe explained. “None of this s### is true. It’s creativity. It’s imagination. Those who know, know.” 

Despite admitting he exaggerates in his raps, Fat Joe said his street cred remains intact.  

“If I say I use my creativity, my imagination in my music, don’t mean I ain’t lived a real f###### life in the streets,” he added.