Flavor Flav Supports 4-Year-Old “Superstar” Son’s Halloween Collab With Corey Feldman


Flavor Flav has a four-year-old son named Jordan Drayton, who has emerged as somewhat of a musical prodigy. Immersed in music his entire life, Drayton naturally gravitated toward singing, drumming and dancing. It’s not necessarily surprising considering his father can also play multiple instruments, is part of one of the most legendary groups in music history, Public Enemy, and a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Earlier this week, Drayton—who has adopted the stage name JRD (J-R-D)—appeared in his first official music video alongside former child actor Corey Feldman. Titled “Here Comes Halloween,” the playful song finds Drayton dressed as A Nightmare Before Christmas character Jack Skellington and going trick or treating with his little friends.

On Friday (October 27), Flavor Flav shared a clip of the video to his Instagram page and applauded his young son for the new song and video. He wrote in the caption, ” My son Jordan is a superstar. Here Comes Halloween, featuring Corey Feldman and my son Jordan Drayton.”

Drayton’s mother and Flavor Flav’s former manager, Kate Gammell, tells AllHipHop, ” Jordan wanted to do a Halloween song and Corey was really the most perfect person. He’s done all these amazing Halloween movies and Jordan really looks up to him as a person. We are friends with Corey. Jordan loves watching him dance, sing and loves The Lost Boys. Corey is the nicest with Jordan. Was so happy that he did the song and video with Jordan. I loved to see them play the guitar together and sing.”

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Flavor Flav, who’s the father to seven children, hasn’t always appeared to be so supportive. According Gammell, they struggled in the beginning to establish paternity. In 2020, she was forced to sell Flavor Flav merch in an effort to provide some financial relief. At the time, Flav had yet to acknowledge kinship to the child—despite a paternity test stating otherwise.

“When I told him I was pregnant with his child, Flavor let me go and I was left with thousands of dollars of Flavor Flav merch that I had purchased with my own money,” Gammell explained. “Jordan is not getting any child support from Flavor and I needed money for Jordan’s everyday needs. So, I decided to pull out the merch and sell it to help my son and give a percentage to Children’s Hospital.

“I doubt I will recoup the money that I put into this, but I don’t care, as any money towards Jordan’s needs is important. The support for Jordan has been fantastic so far.”

While the situation has still been tumultuous over the years, Flavor Flav’s recent show of support for his toddler son is a promising sign. Watch the “Here Comes Halloween” video below.