From Long Island to Miami: The Rise of TWENTYN9NE


TWENTYN9NE may sound like a confusing math problem, but in the world of rap, it’s the name of a rising star. This Long Island native has made his way down to Miami and is taking the music scene by storm. But, like many success stories, TWENTYN9NE’s journey has had its fair share of bumps in the road.

Growing up in a lower middle class setting, TWENTYN9NE found solace in writing music in middle school. He started dedicating himself to it by the age he was 18 and has never really turned back thereafter. Fast forward to March 2018, and TWENTYN9NE crossed paths with the late XXXTENTACION in a shopping mall. Yet it wasn’t until May of that year that the two properly met and have become friends.

TWENTYN9NE quietly hung around the late rapper’s friends and became affiliated with the Members Only/VERY RARE collective until it was made public. From there, he’s been co-signed by the likes of A Boogie wit da Hoodie, wizzhavin, AD DA GREAT, Tankhead666, Robb Banks, and many others.

In 2021, TWENTYN9NE dropped his EP, “Port St Lucifer,” which showcases his unique sound and talent. But his road to success hasn’t been without its obstacles. He’s dealt with the law since 2018, which he admits is a big reason why he’s not as famous as he will be soon.

Despite his run-ins with the law, TWENTYN9NE has found success in partnerships with independent labels such as 10K FOREVER, BULLETPROOF SOUL, and SPADE MANAGEMENT.

So, what’s next for TWENTYN9NE? Only time will tell. However one things is certain: this Long Island boy turned Miami rappers is currently on the ascent, as his distinct voice plus talent are certain to establish an indelible mark on the music biz.

In conclusion, TWENTYN9NE is more than just a math problem, he’s a rising star in the rap game with a story that’s equal parts inspiring and humorous. So, keep an eye out for TWENTYN9NE, because he’s going places – and he’s taking his fans along for the ride.

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