Hip-hop artist Solomon, also known as “Billie” short for billionaire, is coming out with a new hit record featuring fellow artist, J Young MDK!

The track is called “Bounce” and has the “anthem of the summer” written all over it. The beat has a trendy “bounce” to it where you feel energized when playing the record back. However, it has other elements including a flute playing in the background that adds an extra level of flavor to the already catchy song.

Solomon comes from humble beginnings, a small town by the name of Durhan, North Carolina. He found entry into music when working in real estate required a bit of motivation. He took to the booth and after recording his first hit, found that a true passion had made its presence. He quit real estate and has been focused on producing quality music and visuals ever since.

Over time, he has honed in on a creative process that works for him and aligns with producing trending tracks. First, he selects a beat that he cannot get out of his head. After falling in love with the sound itself, he then composes lyrics suitable to the music. Finally, Solomon weaves the pieces together with Sambo Sounds, his engineer, producer, and best friend.

Solomon provides YouTube with visuals that are stunning and feature models of all complexions. Sets usually include luxurious mansions and glamorous vehicles that compliment the lyrics. He dives deep into making life a party and enjoying the excitement life has to give.

The captivating rapper would compare his sound to “Drake” – referencing his own love for melodic flows and rap that intersects with pop. Based in Miami, he often finds inspiration in the lively lounges and beach parties around him.

“Bounce” was initially released in 2020 at the start of the pandemic. When the beat was sent to Solomon, he immediately knew it was going to be a banger for every club. He was so wrapped into the project that in the middle of the night, he wrote the hook “NY to LA yea we gonna BOUNCE!”

In 2023, Solomon and J Young MDK reconnected and remastered the track. Elevating the vocals and ad-libs, they even created a visual that shows the both of them turned up and ready to party!

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