How To Trap a Beat. The Mind of Acheekybuddhist: EDM’s Hidden Gem


If you are a fan of electronic trap dance music and have not yet heard of Acheekybuddhist, you are missing out on one of the industry’s most talented sound designers. She is a hidden gem, who has been quietly producing some of the most innovative and eclectic sounds in the EDM Trap scene.

To Idolize a King

Acheekybuddhist, whose real name is “Lisa… just Lisa. Or you can call me Booh”, is an artist who has always been drawn to all existing forms of artistic expression including music. Growing up in both New Orleans and West Los Angeles, she was exposed to a wide variety of musical styles and genres, however it was not until she met her childhood celebrity crush and now mentor Allen McNeil that she truly fell in love with everything to do with music alone. McNeil, who is a well-respected Vocalist and producer in the industry, introduced her to the art of sound design and encouraged her to experiment with different sounds and genres.

She vehemently credits McNeil as one of her primary sources of inspiration noting that he continuously motivates her to think outside the box and to push the boundaries of what is possible in her imagination through both visual arts and music.  “Oh my god he’s the best person in the entire galaxy, you have no idea. His presence alone is very much a mood. I watch him very closely and he’s amazing, the way that he thinks so beautifully and poetic and is then able to put those thoughts into words. I’m personally not good with words at all and can only express the way that I’m feeling most times through facial expression or understand what I’m feeling via sensations and vibrations or touch. I’m most definitely a handful at times and he’s always patiently and steadily given me the directives and encouragement to turn my emotions in to art and sound, and well here we are! So for that and for many other things, I love him endlessly for helping me become the kind of creator that I never imagined I’d ever be.”

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Synesthesia and the Art of Sound Design

One of the most fascinating aspects of her music is that is you’re experiencing the mind of a synesthete. Synesthesia is a neurological condition that causes an individual to perceive one sense (such as hearing) in conjunction with another sense (such as taste or touch). In her case, she often tastes and smells the various different textures she feels or sounds that she hears. And on rarer occasions, certain sounds and smells can become what she describes as being either a pleasant or agonizing full-body experience.

This unique ability has a profound impact on her music making it a multisensory experience that engages both the auditory and visual senses. This is particularly evident in songs like “Precipitation” and “Lollipop Guild”, where she pairs stunning visual displays that are perfect paracosms of her music. “Something about the smell of root beer puts the scene of the munchkins from The Wizard Of Oz into my mind and it makes me giggle hysterically. That’s what prompted me to create the song, Lollipop Guild. I’m not okay.”

The Creative Process

Acheekybuddhist’s creative process is as unique as her music as it often begins by simply listening to the world around her. She draws inspiration from everyday sounds, such as raindrops hitting a mailbox or the hum of a refrigerator then using these sounds as a foundation for a beat.

Another important aspect of her creative process is her use of music to inspire her visual art and clothing designs. She believes that music and art are interconnected,  one cannot exist without the other. Hence graphic artwork for 67KINGS.COM where she works as their creative designer, are often inspired by the same sounds and textures that she uses in her music. “I feel you should always strive to create a cohesive and immersive experience for your fans because your fans are your best customers.”

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