Joe Budden Says He Tried to Start a Rap Battle with DMX on the Set of ‘Belly’


In some alternate Hip-Hop multiverse, Joe Budden and DMX had a rap battle. In this current one, Budden attempted to get it going on the set of Belly.

Joe popped up on the Flip Da Script podcast and revealed how he saw X shooting a scene in New Jersey. At that moment, Budden saw it as a time to put his skills to the test.

“I used to say I battled DMX, but that wasn’t really a battle,” Joe Budden said. “I was battling, he wasn’t battling”

Budden would state that DMX would eventually leave to complete a scene and didn’t drop a single bar. The attempt did catch the eye of Swizz Beatz, who wanted to put Budden in a group with Cassidy and Drag-On, but it fell through.

You can hear it from Budden below.