Joe Budden Slams Adam22 For Posthumous Kevin Samuels Content


Kevin Samuel’s sudden death earlier this year was met with mixed reactions as some paid their respects to the controversial influencer while others celebrated his death. On the Joe Budden Podcast, Joe, Ice and Ish paid their respects to Samuels who actually guest starred on the podcast early last year.

Following his death, many social media outlets started to repost clips from Samuels’ IG lives, interviews, and YouTube content. No Jumper, a popular hip-hop media outlet based out of Los Angeles and run by Adam 22, started to upload clips of Samuels’ old content. Adam 22 recently guest starred on the Joe Budden Podcast where he was scolded by Budden for re-uploading Samuels’ content after his death.

While on the episode, Budden brought up the late men’s influencer, and Adam22 responded, “Rest in peace.” Budden then told the No Jumper host “i don’t like what you did after he died.”

Budden went on to call Adam22’s actions “disgusting” and the “nastiest performance I’ve ever seen.” Adam22 defended his postition saying that when someone dies, there’s a huge demand for that person’s content on social media.

What is your job as a content creator? Your job is to make content and get that content out to the people that want to see it,” Adam said. “Somebody dies, there’s a huge demand for that content, you re-upload it, people see it on their subscription feed, they click on it because this is a very talked-about thing,” Adam22 added.

Ish then asked Adam22 if the content he posted about Samuels was in a negative light. Joe jumped in and said “He didn’t slander his name, he just re-uploaded everything on Kevin Samuels in the moment that he died.” Adam22 then admitted to uploading content of Samuels as soon as his passing was confirmed.

You can watch the full 11 minute clip below.