Kai Cenat “Beyond Disappointed” With Fans Who Turned Giveaway To Riot 


Kai Cenat has broken his silence for the first time since his arrest at his disastrous giveaway that turned into a riot


Twitch’s most popular streamer said he’s “Disappointed” at how things panned out during the event last Friday (August 4), in New York. He returned to Twitch for a 19-minute-long stream, his first since his dramatic arrest.  

Fans flooded the streets of New York when the social media star announced a giveaway at Union Square. However, Cenat ended up being nabbed by cops and charged with multiple counts of inciting a riot after things went left.  

The New Yorker began his stream by explaining that he wanted to “give back to the community that made me who I am.” However, the day’s events opened his eyes to “the amount of power and influence,’ he wields over his fans.  

“I am beyond disappointed with anyone who became destructive that day,” Kai Cenat declared. “That s### is not cool, I want people to know that.” 

He also addressed footage from the day that included one video featuring a fan jumping on the roof of a car before smashing the windscreen.  

Kai Cenat Says “I Had Good Intentions”

“I don’t condone anything that went on that day,” he continued. “I’m seeing random videos of people getting sturdy on people’s cars and I’m asking myself, why? Why?” 

Kai Cenat insisted he wants his events to be “safe and fun” and denounced fans who turned the event into a riot.  

“None of that was my intention. I had good intentions for this whole thing. I don’t condone any of the things that went on that day.” 

He asked for his family to be left alone, revealing somebody showed up at his mother’s house. The gaming influencer also stated that he would be streaming less in the near future. Cenat said he’s due to appear in court on August 16, with subsequent hearings to follow. 

Check out the clip below and watch the stream here.