Kanye West Targets Scooter Braun & His Baby In “Vultures” Song Leak


Kanye West’s return to the music industry is already marked by controversy after his new song, “Vultures,” leaked online. The track features startling lyrics that have reignited discussions about his past behavior, particularly his targeting of Jewish people.

In “Vultures,” West not only addresses his previous antisemitic remarks but also explicitly claims he had sex with Scooter Braun’s ex-wife, Yael.

How I’m anti-Semitic/I just f##### a Jewish b####/I just f#####/Scooter’s b####/We ran up like Olympics/Got pregnant in the threesome, so whose baby is it.”

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Kanye West and Scooter Braun officially parted ways in April 2018 after working together for two years.

Braun and Yael have three children. The most recent child they had was a baby girl named Hart Violet Braun, born in 2018. The couple finalized their divorce in September 2022.

West has been embroiled in controversy due to his comments multiple times. Over the past two years, he has repeatedly targeted Jewish people, leading to serious repercussions in his professional life and West’s antagonistic behavior toward Jewish people has been a recurring theme.

His continued antisemitic remarks eventually led adidas to sever its ties with him in 2022, following his outrageous language about George Floyd, Jewish people and his admiration for Adolf Hitler. He also reportedly advised a Jewish adidas manager to kiss a picture of Hitler every day.

West’s behavior and comments have had significant consequences, affecting his business relationships and public image. The termination of his deal with adidas, particularly, was a major financial blow, as it was one of his most lucrative partnerships, costing him billions.