Kelis’s Followers Turn Her “Midnight Raw Pie” Promo Into ASMR Thirst Trap


If it were up to Kelis’ social media followers, she would likely be creating more on-camera ASMR content rather than documenting her journey as a vegan.

Earlier this week, the 44-year-old musician and culinary influencer began trending on social media as she promoted her “chef-made” holist “Midnight Raw Pies.” The small-batch craft baked goods developed from Kelis’ own homemade recipe feature all-natural vegan ingredients, such as cocoa and a healthy dose of her “Milkshake” aura on accident. While it’s clear her goal here is to sell pies, Kelis managed to inadvertently sell fantasies based on the overwhelming response of men and women flustered by everything from her appearance to the timbres of her voice.

On Twitter (X), a reposted version of Kelis’ original video has attracted well more than five million views in addition to a slew of thirsty commenters. The entire comments section under the video is low key a pit of filth.

“I want some of her raw midnight cocoa pie. Thats all I know.,” one user wrote before another immediately followed up with, “God I need to find a raspy voiced big titted brownskin vegan queen.”

Other users highlighted that Kelis, indeed, did know what she was doing with the video before the deed was done.

“Kelis + raw + pies will break the twitter algorithm She knows what she’s doing [eyes emoji],” a user pointed out. Another user added, “This caption is so misleading, my lawyer will be in touch.”

Of the countless bombshell remarks throughout the thread, likely the most nuclear comment comes from a user who seemingly rubs the L in Kelis’ ex-husband’s face by writing “@nas go get her back.” I know I would be somewhere punching the air if I had seen this video even if I just won my first Grammy Award!

All in all, it seems everything worked out in her favor as Kelis appears to have sold out of her Midnight Raw Pies. Watch the “sultry-on-accident” promo below.