Kevin Hart Tells Funny Marco He Looks Like Seal During Doppelgänger Discussion: ‘Charming, Handsome, Amazing Man’


When someone says “you know who you look like,” has it ever ended well?

Kevin Hart and Funny Marco were discussing the topic of doppelgängers on the latest episode of Open Thoughts when the 44-year-old comedian jokingly mentioned that Marco looked like Seal. When pressed to repeat what he said, Hart pretended to be unaware of what was going on before becoming defensive.

“Why did you say Seal,” Marco asked, to which Hart responded, “Why did I say Seal?” After a bit of awkward silence, Marco implied there was “only one reason” Kev would bring up Seal, but the Jumanji actor argued that the comparison was made because the singer is a “very charming, handsome, amazing man” who is a “talented individual” with a “beautiful family.”

“What’s wrong with me saying Seal?” Hart asked.

Marco tried to catch Hart off-guard by asking why the stand-up comedian interpreted the Seal comparison as being something negative, but he kept his cool, claiming he felt attacked by the line of questioning.

Skip ahead to the 17:28 mark in the above video to check out their hilarious conversation.

Hart opened up about his undefeated fighting record, including his second victory against a “larger” girl in sixth grade. The comedian also revealed 2010’s Seriously Funny is his favorite stand-up special, crediting the special for starting his fitness journey.

“I feel like Seriously Funny was just a defining moment for me that honestly made me think about my body, and that’s why I started working out because of how I looked on the special,” Hart explained.

In other news, Funny Marco is scheduled to sit down with Speedy Morman for a live edition of 360 With Speedy at ComplexCon later this month. ComplexCon 2023 will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center on Nov. 18 and 19. Head here to get tickets.