Kid Cudi Admits He Was “Wrong” In Lupe Fiasco Beef: “I Apologized & He Accepted It”


Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco blew up the Twitter (X) timeline on Friday (January 19) following the former’s recent interview with Apple Music. After a contentious back-and-forth, Cudi has revealed they had a long talk on the phone and ironed out their differences. He shared the news Saturday afternoon (January 20) and took full responsibility for his part in the public discourse.

“Just talked to Lupe,” he began. “Had a great talk. I know I was wrong and told him I shouldnt have did that f### s### I did. I called myself lookin out for the fans in the moment, but in reality I was just hating. I apologized and he accepted it. Which I appreciated foreal. I understand the anger and vitriol he had for me all these years, and I wasn’t mature enough to step up and just have a conversation and admit I was wrong.

“We as black men need to be united. He always had love for me. Always supported me. I shouldnt had did him like that. I wanna thank my guy IBN for settin’ the call up, and u, the fans, for being real w me and urging us to speak. We are good now, brand new journey. @LupeFiasco see u soon brother.”


Lupe Fiasco was apparently annoyed after catching wind of Kid Cudi’s comments about him during his conversation with Zane Lowe. He tweeted, “Kid Cudi is a b####. And continues to be a b####. Ain’t nobody finna bring up he used to work at the Bape Store to diss his b#### ass for having a regular job before he was a famous b#### with a cool job.

“I honestly caught wind of [the interview] scrolling through fan comments. And I’m like what the f### is this b#### talking about now with my name… He hid from me in the bape store back in day because he didn’t want me to use it against him when he got famous??? WHAT?!! Like a job shame? I wanna beat this n#### up so bad I’m getting a migraine.”

Kid Cudi soon extended to an olive branch to Fiasco, which he initially didn’t accept.

“Hey brother, please refrain from callin me out my name,” he wrote. “I come w love. Here’s the dm I sent, u cant receive messages. Just noticed. I have no reason to cap. Now if u wanna keep the same negative energy we cant speak. I have no room in my life for that. Im tryna move past this.”

Elsewhere, he tweeted, “Love u g. Im sorry if I hurt u man. Life is too short. Hope u can find it in ur heart to get past this. Lupe love me yall don’t get it twisted. He just hurt. He beefin w himself at this point. Holdin that much hate in ur heart for someone for so long holds u back in life bro. That’s the devil using u. Hope he finds some peace man. Now its just sad.”

Fiasco replied, “I didn’t get a DM from u. This lyin a## b#### a## n####. On second thought homey, this ain’t enough…you need to talk to me.”

Evidently, that had that talk and are in a better place. Watch the interview that served as the catalyst for the incident above.