Killer Mike Drops Video for New Song “Humble Me”: Watch


Fresh off his Album of the Year win, for Michael, at the 2024 BET Awards, Killer Mike has dropped a new single. “Humble Me” comes with a black-and-white music video in which the rapper is stripped of his jewelry and placed in handcuffs. Through the lyrics, Killer Mike addresses his arrest at the 2024 Grammy Awards and compares “sitting in a room full of cops” to the Biblical story of Daniel in the lions’ den. Check it out below.

“Technically, I was not supposed to be here,” Killer Mike said in his Album of the Year acceptance speech at the BET Awards. “I was put in handcuffs, and I was marched out of this building, but I want to tell you, look at God because I’m back, baby. I’m back and I’m winning. I want to tell Black people that, because of BET, I’m back. Not ’cause of no white person calling nobody. A Black man runs this business, a Black company put this show on, and they got my Black ass back in here. Thank y’all.”

Immediately after winning three trophies at the Grammys, including Best Rap Album, Killer Mike was arrested and booked for misdemeanor battery after an incident with a security guard. Months later, the Los Angeles city attorney’s office declined to file and pursue criminal charges against Killer Mike after the artist “successfully completed the [Los Angeles City Attorney’s] Office’s Hearing process, including a community service requirement that was imposed.”

Killer Mike is in the midst of a North American tour in support of Michael. He’ll stay on the road performing his songs live on through to the fall, including stops at Lollapalooza, Newport Folk Festival, and Montreal International Jazz Festival.

During his Album of the Year acceptance speech at the BET Awards, Killer Mike also passionately urged viewers to vote in the upcoming election. “Who we vote for on the big stage is important, but it’s more important you know who your city council person is, who your prosecutor is,” he said. “And, if you don’t like the people running, run your Black ass to the polls and run yourself.” Revisit “Can Pop Stars Be Political Organizers?” on the Pitch.