King Combs Drops New Track Defending Father Diddy, Disses 50 Cent


King Combs has dropped a new track addressing the public hate towards Diddy.

In the track, which he let DJ Akademiks premiere on his live stream, he defends his famous father in light of the recent sexual misconduct allegations against him and the Homeland Security raids conducted on Diddy’s Los Angeles and Miami properties.

“I dare one of you n****s scream out ‘no diddy’” Combs raps on the song. Later, he adds: “Police raid the crib like they think we selling crack, but we out here selling tracks / multimillion dollar plaques.” He then name drops 50 Cent.

50 has already reacted to the song in classic fashion. He wrote on Instagram: “I feel so threatened by the things Christian is saying on his record. I’m afraid for my life, please don’t hurt me guys. I never mentioned or posted anything about puffy’s kids because KEEFE D said he killed 2Pac. [shrugging emoji]. LOL.”