L’Ddaryl De’Shaun Ellis Sr. is a well-known public figure, photographer, videographer, entrepreneur, and justice advocate.


L’Ddaryl De’Shaun Ellis Sr. is known to many as Sensei Tha Soul of Tha Streets, a guy who has endured some of life’s most difficult difficulties. Growing up on Cleveland’s east side’s streets and projects, he witnessed directly the horrors of poverty, violence, and structural injustice. He was imprisoned at the age of 21, and after having his case overturned and remanded, he remains imprisoned, fighting for his release and justice.

Despite these obstacles, Ellis has not given up on his hopes and goals. However, he has utilised his hardships to drive his desire to pursue injustice on behalf of those unfairly condemned while also establishing a good career as a photographer, videographer, and entrepreneur. With his partner Anthony Hughes, he co-founded Shooters Touch LLC, a photography firm, and Businesstime Only Films LLC, a videography company. He has also worked on projects with significant industry figures such as Eddie Boyd, Evan Williams, and Tony Stubblebine, among others.

Ellis’ achievement can be attributed not just to his ability and work ethic, additionally to his good attitude, modesty, and dedication to developing trustworthy and devoted connections. He understands the need of a solid support system, especially during challenging times. He has lost 53 family members in the last ten years, including two this year, yet he has stayed focused, tranquil, and appreciative for his family’s and the #munchteam’s support.

Ellis’ ambitions extend beyond personal achievement. He wishes to use his accomplishments to benefit his neighbourhood and youth. He sees his two enterprises networking globally, shooting pictures and movie trailers for some of the industry’s biggest stars. He aspires to become affluent enough to make a huge effect in his community and provide chances for others in need, just as he previously did.

Ellis’ narrative and achievements aren’t only remarkable, but they also demonstrate amazing power of persistence, work and effort, and determination. He has encountered some more of life’s most difficult obstacles, yet he has never given up upon his hopes and ambitions. Instead, his experiences have fueled his desire to seek justice, develop great enterprises, and give back to his community. He is a public personality, photographer, cameraman, entrepreneur, and justice campaigner whose voice should be heard.








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