Lil Kim Overcomes Wardrobe Malfunction By Tossing Her Panties Into The Crowd  At ONE Musicfest


Lil Kim knows how to make the best of a bad situation, as fans at ONE Musicfest soon discovered. 

The NYC icon was performing at the Atlanta festival over the weekend (October 28) when something went wrong during her set. She was sashaying across the stage when she suddenly realized her panties began slipping down. 

However, instead of feeling embarrassed or rushing backstage to fix her outfit, Lil Kim embraced the moment.  

“What do I got for y’all next?” she asked, teasing the crowd. “Panties coming down.” She then stepped out of her underwear, which by then had fallen to her ankles. The audience were barely able to take in what was happening before she made her next move.  

“How about this?” she said as she launched her panties into the crowd. Check out the video below. 

Footage of Lil Kim launching her panties into the crowd began circulating online, with fans giving it a mixed response.  

“Okay but when I’m in the building I don’t get no panties thrown at me I’m jealous,” one fan wrote. “You wanna Bee’z betta not talk to me for the rest of the year until I get some Lil’Kim panties.” Another added, “I want them panties period prob smell like starburst.” 

Others were not so enthusiastic over the underwear saga. “Idk but something about lil Kim throwin her panties in the audience don’t sit right with me,” one X user penned. “2023 Lil Kim panties hit me in the crowd and imma be irritated,” one person agreed.  

Check out the reactions below.