Lil Snvrk Releases New Single Named "Back To My Roots"

Lil Snvrk Releases New Single Named "Back To My Roots"


Brooklyn’s own Lil Snvrk, an emerging talent in the hip-hop scene, has just dropped his latest single, “Back To My Roots.” At 17, this multifaceted artist has already made waves with his raw lyricism and unique style. “Back To My Roots” is a reflection of his journey in the music industry, touching on themes of betrayal and resilience.

Lil Snvrk, born Caleb Gottfried on September 16, 2006, has been rapping since 2016. However, it wasn’t until 2021 that he started pursuing his craft professionally. Despite his youth, Lil Snvrk has built a strong following with his distinct flow and compelling narratives. His connections with the A$AP Mob and AWGE have helped shape his sound, even as he navigates the challenges of the industry.

“Back To My Roots” delves into Lil Snvrk‘s tumultuous experiences, including his brief stint with Playboi Carti’s Opium Records. His time with the label was marred by unprofessional treatment and a lack of support, leading to disillusionment. In his lyrics, he addresses these issues head-on, offering a candid look at his struggles. Lines like “Carti saw I put the work in / Then he lowered my exposure” highlight his frustrations and the feeling of being sidelined.

The music video for “Back To My Roots” is proof of Lil Snvrk‘s DIY ethic. Shot in a few hours, it features an old, rain-soaked room that perfectly matches the song’s mood. The video cuts between scenes of Lil Snvrk performing and haunting imagery of the dilapidated room, creating a powerful visual narrative that complements the track’s raw emotion.

Lil Snvrk‘s career is not limited to music. He’s also a fashion designer and producer, showing a keen entrepreneurial spirit. His sublabel, Snarkotics, and early investments in Bitcoin highlight his business acumen. This diverse skill set enhances his artistic vision, blending streetwear aesthetics with his unique brand identity.

Despite facing significant setbacks, including conflicts with former allies and labels, Lil Snvrk remains focused on his growth as an artist. His diss tracks and candid storytelling resonate with listeners, offering a sense of authenticity that is often missing in the industry. His beef with Playboi Carti and the subsequent fallout with Interscope/UMG are pivotal moments that he channels into his music, turning adversity into art.

“Back To My Roots” is a continuation of Lil Snvrk’s honest and impactful storytelling. The track promises to connect deeply with listeners, further solidifying his place in the hip-hop scene. As he continues to develop his career, Lil Snvrk plans to go on tour, performing his new material and engaging with fans worldwide.

Lil Snvrk‘s commitment to his craft and his ability to turn personal trials into compelling music make him a rising star to watch. With “Back To My Roots,” he reaffirms his dedication to authenticity and resilience, proving that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

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