Long Before Ghostwriter, An A.I.-Generated Travis Scott & Kanye West Song Fetched $200,000


It’s tough to determine if this is a major L or W for popular streamer Adin Ross, but I’m sure someone from Kanye West or Travis Scott’s team will be in touch with him soon.

If you were late or missed his recent Kick stream, Ross claims he purchased one of the first Artificial Intelligence-generated songs years ago while attempting to buy an unreleased Kanye West and Travis Scott record. In addition to confirming he spent $200,000 on the track, Ross claims the purchase was made years ago when he was just a “young kid” getting to the money. Either way, this might be the biggest finesse since Ghostwriter’s fake Drake and The Weeknd song went viral this summer.

While it’s unclear why Ross was convinced that a $200,000 investment into a song he owned no rights to, it’s no secret he’s consistently burning through money for no reason. He allegedly just lost a $10 million real estate bidding war to Inter Miami’s internationally renowned player, Lionel Messi.

Check out the full breakdown of the incident and peep the snippet of the unreleased jam in the video clip below.