picture of Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly Fires Shots at Jack Harlow in New "Renegade" Freestyle Video


Controversy is no stranger to Machine Gun Kelly, who recently turned heads with a new freestyle video titled ‘Renegade’. The rap video, which made waves across the internet, included a diss aimed at fellow rapper Jack Harlow, leading to increased attention and speculation among fans.

In the ‘Renegade’ freestyle, Machine Gun Kelly showcases his rap skills with hard-hitting lyrics and a fast-paced flow. The standout moment, however, comes when he throws a pointed jab at Jack Harlow. Without pulling punches, the rapper confidently positions himself in contrast to Harlow, sparking a flurry of reactions among fans and the wider music community.

The tension between Machine Gun Kelly and Jack Harlow isn’t new, but this latest freestyle adds more fuel to the fire. As of now, there has been no response from Harlow, leaving fans eager for what might come next. This intense moment adds another layer to Machine Gun Kelly’s public persona and undoubtedly keeps his name in the headlines. Despite the controversy, the ‘Renegade’ freestyle video stands as a testament to Machine Gun Kelly’s potent lyricism and ability to command attention.