Meek Mill Calls Out “Culture Vulture” Labels, Claims Sole Ownership Of His Masters And Publishing 


Meek Mill is continuing his war against the labels, accusing “culture vulture” record labels of scamming artists and taking their money. 


In a post on Threads, Instagram’s sister app, the Philly rapper claimed he can’t be duped as he owns 100 percent of his masters and publishing. However, he won’t stop calling out the major labels. He claimed labels profit from Black “murder and poverty” without contributing to the community.  

“F### these labels they operating without consequences in the biggest scheme to date!” Meek Mill declared. He also lashed out at lawyers who he says make young artists sign contracts they don’t understand, comparing it to “stealing.”  

“IF YOU LETTING LABELS TAKE YOUR MONEY HOW YOU BEEFING WITH N##### IN THE HOOD OVER NOTHING,” he questioned. “yes I own 100% of my masters and pub as we speak! We catch y’all stealing we in the streets with it.” 

However, he called for others to take a stand. According to Meek Mill, he is willing to lose his life and his freedom for his principles. “IF YOU BEEN TAKEN ADVANTAGE BY PEOPLE THAT YOU WOULD REALLY MAKE CRY TAP IN THIS GOTTA STOP… I’ll die for this or go to jail but take from me shiddddd,” he added. “This is for all culture vultures eating off black murder and poverty with out giving back and taking advantage! Til my last [breath]!” Read his post in full below. 

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