Megan Thee Stallion Releases New ‘I Think I Love Her’ Freestyle: Watch


Megan Thee Stallion, the rapper known for firing off the hardest on her freestyles, is back with another one. Letting listeners know that it’s ‘real hot girl s**t’ from the get-go on, Megan is in her braggadocious bag with this track.

If we’re hearing this track correctly, it seems as though she has also sneaked in a few subliminals towards Nicki Minaj. While this isn’t a sure-shot analysis, bars like “Take it out the chat, I ain’t tryna be your penpal / Meanwhile it’s a bitch on the app right now / Gettin’ fucked over, still braggin’ ’bout her body count/“ potentially allude to her infamous feud with Nicki.

That said, the analysis may not be far off the mark; after all, Megan and Nicki have both released diss tracks targeting each other in the past. From Megan going off on ‘Hiss’, to Nicki’s in-questionable-taste clapback on ‘Big Foot’, the dynamic has clearly strained their relations beyond reconciliation anytime soon. Interestingly, this whole thing began with Nicki being the first to send subliminals in Megan’s direction with the track, ‘Seeing Green’, and potentially calling her an alcoholic.

Whatever the case, it seems like this is the year of war in rap, and we are here to see how it pans out ultimately for the culture.