Morris Day Says He Used To Buss Prince’s A## In Band Battles


Prince and Morris Day are legends! They have no peers! They are so unique and talented. They had a complex relationship at times. They had a rivalry and it was real.


There was definitely some competition between Prince and Morris Day, but it was not a feud or beef. It was mostly a way for them to be better creatively and push themselves. Morris Day recently talked about it and he seems to feel like “Purple Rain” was close to real than fiction. Take a look and let us know.

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But, let us be clear. Morris Day and Prince had been childhood friends and even performed together in the band Grand Central before Prince became a solo artist. When Prince formed The Time and chose Morris Day as the frontman, it was a testament to their friendship and mutual respect. Prince saw The Time as a contrasting musical entity to his own sound, showcasing a cool, streetwise funk style.

Their collaboration extended beyond the music itself. Morris Day and The Time were cast in Prince’s movie “Purple Rain,” which further solidified their place in pop culture. The film portrayed the vibrant Minneapolis music scene of the time, and both artists played significant roles in its success.

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