Nicki Minaj Fans Accuse Cardi B, Offset Of Fuelling Split Rumors To Divert Attention From “Pink Friday 2” 


Cardi B and Offset unfollowed each other on Instagram amid cryptic posts from the couple, sparking accusations from Nicki Minaj fans that they are faking marriage drama to steal headlines the week Pink Friday 2 is set to be released.  

Rumors of a split began Monday (December 4), when eagle-eyed fans noticed they had unfollowed each other. The couple also both took to Instagram with cryptic posts.  

“You know sometimes you just outgrow relationships,” the “Bongos” hitmaker wrote in her Stories. “I’m tired of protecting people’s feelings… I GOTTA PUT MYSELF FIRST.” 

Additionally, shortly before Cardi B posted, Offset took to his IG Stories with a clip from the 1983 Al Pacino classic Scarface. In the snippet, Pacino’s character shouts: “Hey, f### you, man! Who put this thing together? Me. That’s who. Who do I trust? Me.”  

Cardi B Claims She’s Shedding The “Dead Weight”

Following up in an Instagram Live Monday, Cardi B said she wants to shed “dead weight” ahead of the New Year. “A lot of people are dead weight too,” she said before adding that she also needs to stop protecting people’s feelings.  

“Big shoes are going to have to be filled and some people are going to get the f### out,” she claimed. Check out the clip below.

Social media users speculated that the couple, who overcame infidelity accusations earlier this year, had hit a rough patch. This led to accusations from Nicki Minaj fans that Cardi B and Offset cooked up the split rumors as PR stunt geared to divert attention from the upcoming Pink Friday album, due later this week.  

“If you think Cardi B is leaving her P.I.M.P (Offset) you must be out your rabbit ass mind,” wrote on fan. “This is Nicki week. The social media antics will run a week long. Tomorrow will be a video or rant/outburst. Remember Cardi said she wanted to do a “Lemonade” Esq album.. she probably wants to make those old songs make sense… I’m not slow. Yall can be.” 

“Notice how cardi and offset broke up right before Nicki’s album release,” added another. “This can’t be a coincidence. Atlantic is plotting barbz WAKE UP.”